RIP Summer

2016-09-25 19:03:05 by UVSoaked

No more coffee on the dock.


I like to run.

2015-08-04 12:59:14 by UVSoaked


New Personal NikeFuel Record Set!

2014-09-23 09:45:49 by UVSoaked

My new daily NikeFuel record has been set, thanks to 12k in running, 100k in biking, and 1.5h at the gym.

776685_141147987792_BestDay.png Updated!

2013-02-14 11:14:34 by UVSoaked

So over the last week I've spent some time updating my website/portfolio. Check it out!

Newgrounds Mobile?

2013-02-05 13:10:02 by UVSoaked

I wish there was mobile version of Newgrounds. Even if it was just a mobile layout restricted to the BBS, NG Social (PM's, notifications, etc.) and profiles/blogs. It would make life so much easier. And by life, I mean by browsing NG. Anyone else agree and/or surf Newgrounds on a mobile device? Make it happen, @TomFulp! :)

Newgrounds Mobile?

Greatest Boy Band Ever

2010-08-08 12:19:21 by UVSoaked

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I'm an Art Whore

2009-10-31 10:20:06 by UVSoaked

Seriously, I'm such an art whore. I've been graphic designing for many of years now, so I got it down and all. But ya, every time I go out. I always get distracted by looking at (company) logos, and the colour schemes they use. Or even when I'm just watching commercials via TV. I usually just drift off, even when people are talking to me.

It's weird how much it interests me now. Logos can have such great meaning, and design to them though, where they can actually define the company. I'd probably marry logos, if it asked me too. I'm too shy to ask. :3

slashTHREE releases a collective art book called 'Expressions'

2009-07-17 11:54:44 by UVSoaked

slashTHREE releases 'Expressions'
Expressions Preview

After five long months of dedicated and passionate hard work on the part of slashTHREE's artists and Creative Directors, we are very proud to unveil "Expressions"; a collection of works from artists who have stood out among the slashTHREE family over our collective's short yet gratifying existence. This unique, once-in-a-lifetime collection gives you the chance to take a trip into the creative minds of some of the world's finest digital illustrators.

The books is ten (10) inches by eight (8), and fifty-eight (58) pages in length, containing some of the best pieces of art ever created for a slashTHREE exhibition, as well as twenty-six (26) illustrations that have never been seen before, all printed in impeccable quality. With only fifty (50) copies of "Expressions" to be printed, as well as twenty-five (25) hardcover versions, it is an extremely limited edition.

Of course, "Expressions" would not be possible without our financial sponsor, Psdtuts+. Psdtuts+ is the web's leading Photoshop training site, and it features over 200 free magazine-quality Photoshop tutorials and a library of free brushes and other helpful resources. To receive bonus high-end tutorials and brush packs, plus access to weekly vector illustration and web development tutorials, you can join their Plus community of over 3,000 members (Psdtuts+'s Plus Program) for a very low price of $9 USD.

To purchase your copy of "Expressions," please visit slashTHREE's online shop - prices begin at $40.00 USD and $60.00USD for the hardcover version. Ladies and gentlemen, this truly is an opportunity you cannot, and definitely should not pass up.

Everyone involved in the project would like to underline the outstanding effort, dedication and passion of Saad, also known as lostnotfound, who without his help, this project would be a mere idea and not even close to what it is today. From everyone at s3, thanks a lot !

Thank you and enjoy,
slashTHREE Public Relations

UVSoaked Threads

2008-07-04 11:05:31 by UVSoaked

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